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  • Nofence is proud to have built the world’s first virtual fence for livestock. Our product represents the beginning of a tremendous shift in farming towards a sustainable future for agriculture. Make an impact and join us in building technology that creates a positive difference for animals, farmers and the environment.

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  • I have always dreamed of working with technology to accomplish something meaningful. Working in a small company is really gratifying. You get the opportunity to go deep into certain issues and work with different areas of technology. I am constantly learning something new!

    Malin Kildal

    Product and development

  • Isn't it fantastic? "Virtual fencing" sounds narrow, but we are fundementally chaning agriculture. If the whole world started using Nofence, we can offset extremely high emissions. Simply by using grazing animals and the soil, as nature has designed it.

    Oscar Hovde Berntsen

    Founder and CTO

  • My job is to open people's eyes. The product is simply awsome! Imagine what it can do for the world. People ask how I can be concerned about the climate crisis, and still fight for more red meat? "It's not the cow, it's the how". With the right use of grazing animals, research shows that we can even reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.

    Synne Foss Budal

    Sales and Market, UK

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