We believe the next Elon Musk is wearing rubber boots. Do you?

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Nofence is proud to have built the world’s first virtual fence for livestock. Our product represents the beginning of a tremendous shift in farming towards a sustainable future for agriculture. Make an impact and join us in building technology that creates a positive difference for animals, farmers and the environment.

Make an impact

At Nofence, you will use your skills to create a positive difference. Not just for animals and farmers, but for the environment. We believe in the potential of sustainable agriculture, and genuinely believe that our grazing technology can be the biggest technological change in agriculture since the tractor. 

Working together

We strongly believe in a hybrid workstyle, mixing the best of two worlds. Work together with your colleagues face to face in real life, but also connect and work remote. Combining the best technology and workstyle, bringing people together in hackathons and project workshops, (not only team building exercises), we will bring our HQ, new hubs and remote workers together in one team. Our HQ is based in Batnfjordsøra, and our current hubs are located in Oslo and Telford UK. Tell us where you are and why you want to join us!

Our Culture

As a small company that is still in our early stages, our way of working is evolving and growing, and you will have the opportunity to make an impact on how we do things. As our colleague you will be part of an exciting company with enormous ambitions for international growth.

Nofence in numbers

We're hiring

We're scaling up! If you don't find the right position for you right now, please connect with us or subscribe to our vacancies. More exciting roles in a range of fields will be up soon.


We use Connect to handle open applications. Through clicking th "Connect"-button you can register with us and tell us what your top field of interest is. We will also keep you updated on new positions relevant to your field. 


Meet some of our employees

I have always dreamed of working with technology to accomplish something meaningful. Working in a small company is really gratifying. You get the opportunity to go deep into certain issues and work with different areas of technology. I am constantly learning something new!

Malin Kildal Product and development

Isn't it fantastic? "Virtual fencing" sounds narrow, but we are fundementally chaning agriculture. If the whole world started using Nofence, we can offset extremely high emissions. Simply by using grazing animals and the soil, as nature has designed it.

Oscar Hovde Berntsen Founder and CTO

My job is to open people's eyes. The product is simply awsome! Imagine what it can do for the world. People ask how I can be concerned about the climate crisis, and still fight for more red meat? "It's not the cow, it's the how". With the right use of grazing animals, research shows that we can even reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.

Synne Foss Budal Sales and Market, UK


Why Nofence?

As a small company that is still in our early stages our way of working is evolving and growing and you will have the opportunity to shape how we do things.

Flexibility, decide on your working days and hours. We are open to look into options for remote working.
We are driven by an urge for good animal welfare. We think the future of agriculture is moving back to the natural way of grazing.
You will get the oportunity to work with a high competence team, and have co-workers who are exceptionally engaged in developing a great place to work.
Our technology is an important part of the shift towards a more sustainable agriculture.
All our employees are given share options in addition to a competitive salary.
As an early member of our team, you will have the opportunity to influence how we build our tech stack.

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